How to stop peeling paint

How to stop peeling paint

Our paint collection features different finishes: one for walls and ceilings and one for wood and metal.

It’s very important to choose the right paint for the job as these surfaces have different levels of porousness and react differently to paints and varnishes. If you use the wrong paint for your task, it could peel away within weeks.

Peeling shouldn’t be an issue if you use the right finish paint - quality paints should last well if applied correctly to the right surface.

How to fix paint peeling off the wall

Although you can stop paint peeling by doing it right the first time – but while prevention is better than the cure, that's not always possible.

Whether moving into a new home where the right steps weren't followed, or revisiting your own previous handiwork from before you discoverd Zhoosh, it may be necessary for you to fix paint peeling off the wall.

There are certain conditions that could cause peeling over time however: direct sunlight, exposure to moisture or damp, heat and repeated scuffing will have an impact. Usually the peeling will only be a small area so won’t necessitate a whole room revamp, and it’s quite simple to fix. 

First of all, gently scrape any loose pieces of paint away. Don’t be tempted to pull at it, it’s better to use a small scraper. Then sand the area to smooth the edges so that the patch will not show up when the light hits it.

As with any painting task, you need to ensure your area is clean and dry. Once it is, apply a primer - this will even out any marks or irregularities left on the surface, help the paint adhere to the surface and give you a much smoother finish.

Mask off any areas you don’t want to paint and protect all your surfaces with dust sheets or protectors.

You’re now ready to paint! It’s fine to use a paintbrush or a small roller, whatever you prefer. You will need two coats and should leave at least an hour between coats to ensure the first layer is completely dry.

After the top coat, you could consider a sealant - but Zhoosh Paints is tough and durable so should last well without. We have scuff tested our paints against the leading brands and we came out top so you can trust our products to last!

Happy decorating!