Tins of Rhythmic Pink paint on a pink background

In the Pink this Valentine’s Day

In the build-up to Valentine’s Day 2022, we've all been inspired by lovely gift ideas in the media and shops, with pinks and reds taking centre stage. Flowers, sweet treats, clothing and fine wines are all on the menu!

At Zhoosh Paints, we love pink all year round - not just on the 14th February. It’s a really flexible colour that can be subtle, deep, pretty or bold, depending on the tone, the room, the styling and the lighting.

Our pink palette is nice and subtle: a collection of calm paint colours to suit all sorts of rooms and spaces throughout the home. We have carefully created relaxing, mindful paint shades to suit all tastes.

The ‘pinkest’ of the lot, Love Heart, has echoes of candyfloss and sugarcane. It's perfect as feature wall paint, or for colour blocking and creating accents on a picture rail or window pane.

Rhythmic Pink sits nicely alongside contrasting colours in our range such as Savannah Sleep and Olive Tree. However, if you want to stick to pink wall paint, it also works well alongside Rosebud – a warmer pink with a hint of blush – or Calm Serenity, a pale earthy colour with a cooler feel and a hint of lilac, depending on the light.

Alternatively, why not pink and red? The mellow versions of each base colour in the Zhoosh paint range means you can go bold without the shock factor! Our stunning Sahara Dust is a warm, terracotta shade, reminiscent of Mediterranean climates and gentle sunsets. It will sit alongside any of our pink paint colours – complementary yet contrasting, and continuing with the Valentine’s Day theme.

You could even go for a pale wall paint colour like our Moonglow or Drifting, and keep the pink for the fifth wall: the ceiling! Pink ceiling paint works really well in modern houses with contemporary décor. You could use a different colour on the whole wall, or bring a colour block up from a piece of furniture like the bed, creating an eye-catching and stylish painted ‘headboard’ that travels up the wall and onto a section of the ceiling.

The beauty of pink paint is that it sits well alongside any other colour and works in any room and at any time of year. Especially Valentine’s Day of course!

Perhaps now is the time to rethink pink and see how it can work in your home?

Visit our online store to buy water-based pink paints online, or test out your favourite shades with a paint sample.