Sample Paint Patches

Choosing the perfect shade for your wall can be the trickiest part of any decorating project. Paint colours vary depending on the positioning, lighting, time of day and weather, which is why it’s important to test a colour thoroughly before you start painting. We’ve put a lot of thought into our Real Paint Patches, to help you choose the perfect shades of Zhoosh paint before investing in a full coat.

What are Real Paint Patches?

Zhoosh paint patches are hand-painted with multiple coats of our sustainable paint, to show what it will look like once dry on your wall. The patches are adhesive and repositionable, so you can test the colour anywhere without damage. You can also store them to reuse for later decorating projects, making them a more cost-effective and eco-friendly option. Our Real Paint Patches are 200cm x 230cm, allowing you to cover a good portion of each wall. You can try out the shade against existing furniture and accessories, without having to worry about getting paint splatters on soft furnishings. You can also find unique colour pairings by investing in a full pack of paint samples at a significant discount. 

Paint patches vs tester pots

Many leading paint manufacturers offer sample pots, but we believe a paint patch offers far more value to our customers. Paint patches are more sustainable, as they waste less paint and can be reused across different walls. We make eco-friendly, low VOC paint, so it’s important for us to encourage this sustainability throughout the decorating process. Our patches are 100% recyclable and can be easily stored for future projects. Adhesive patches don’t cause any damage to your walls, so you can sample paint on every surface without leaving ugly marks that need to be covered. You also don’t need to worry about moving furniture or covering carpets, because the paint is already dry. To start testing your favourite mindful colours, order paint sample patches from our online store.

How to use our paint patches

Choosing your new shade should be fun, which is why we make it so easy to play around with our paints. Start by choosing your favourite colours from our range of mindful shades. You can explore our website or find inspiration on our Instagram and Pinterest.

Next, order your chosen patches on our website, or sign up to our newsletter to get five free. If you can’t decide, our sample colour pack is a great way to try out the full range of shades. When your patches arrive, all that’s left to do is have fun! Press the patch firmly onto a surface and gently peel it away to reapply somewhere else. Play around with different locations and colour pairings until you’ve found something that works for you and your space. Don’t worry about moving furniture or protecting carpets - the patches won’t leave any residue or spread paint to other parts of the room.