Beautiful, eco-friendly paints

By making mindful choices in colours, furniture and accessories, you can truly balance your space and bring harmony to your home.

Welcome to zhoosh.

We are a paint company with a focus on the future - yours and the planet’s.
Passionate about mindful living, we have created a range of earthy paints, designed to calm
the senses and soothe the soul.
Zhoosh paints are top quality, affordable, eco-friendlier paints, delivered in recycled and
recyclable tins to provide the best backdrop and base palette for your living space and help
you to release your home’s inner beauty.
With convenient online ordering and swift delivery and after-sales support, we can help you
create a home that provides you with the stylish, reassuring sanctuary you deserve.
Here on our site, you can explore how we will help you live more mindfully, through helpful
hints on healthy practices, good shopping choices and sustainable, eco-living goals for now
and tomorrow.
Thank you for joining us!