Your home is your sanctuary, and it deserves the same level of thought and love that you put into other areas of your life. When choosing your paint, the first thing you think about is the colour, but there are other things to consider. How safe is the paint? Will it last? Where is it made?

We’ve made it our mission to create high-quality, affordable and sustainable paints, so you don’t have to compromise between value and values.

So how do we make sustainable paints?


We make water-based sustainable paint with a very low level of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) - rated A+ in the French VOC emissions grading.

VOCs are toxic chemicals present in a huge range of products, such as paints and lacquers, glues and adhesives, cleaning products and more. They are emitted as gas and have been linked to headaches, eye and throat irritations and worse.

We’ve worked closely with colour designers and chemists to make sure our paint is high quality and long-lasting, without any of these harmful chemicals. You can tell it’s non toxic paint because it has virtually no odour!

Independent testing by Eurofins has shown that Zhoosh paint exceeds the industry standard for its low levels of VOC emissions, resulting in an A+ rating: the best you can get.

None of our low VOC paint is tested on animals, and we hope soon to be vegan accredited.

All of this makes Zhoosh paint the safer option: for people, animals and the planet.

Quality, not Quantity

Our team members have all worked in the painting and decorating industry for some time, so we know how to make high quality, sustainable paint that is a delight to use.

We produce our paint to order, in small batches. By selling our paints online, creating the exact amount you need and delivering directly to your door, we reduce wastage.

We also source the best ingredients. Cheaper paints are often a false economy, as they use inferior raw materials and therefore require more coats to deliver an even covering and a quality finish. With Zhoosh’s sustainable paint, you can be assured of a good finish in fewer coats.

Quality, not quantity. That’s the key to sustainable paint.

Made in the UK

All of our sustainable paints are made here in the UK. That’s to use local resources as much as possible and keep our carbon footprint low.

We sell direct: no wholesaler markups and no extra stop off points adding to the logistics. Keeping it simple means keeping it sustainable.

We only ship to the UK. With less distance for the components and finished goods to travel, we reduce the fuel needed to transport our paints – to us and to you. They can be delivered to you more quickly, direct to your door. There’s also less risk of damage during paint delivery, so less risk of waste.

Being made in the UK is about economy and culture as well as environment. By working with local suppliers and manufacturers, we’re supporting our local communities. The profits go back into the economy.

Our recycled paint tins are all created in the UK as well, with the aim of simple disposal that can easily circle back into the existing waste streams.

Recycled and Recyclable

How do I recycle my tins?

Zhoosh packaging is not only made of recycled material; it’s 100% recyclable. Just wash out our tins and take them to your local recycling centre.

Remember to check your local council’s recycling rules to make sure you recycle everything correctly.

What do I do with excess paint?

We want to reduce waste wherever possible, which is why we’ve put so much thought into our paint sample patches. These adhesive patches are larger than any of our competitors’ and painted with two coats of real paint, to give you the best idea of what your paint will look like before we make it for you.

If you buy too much paint, you can return it within 30 days, as long as it’s unopened and in its original packaging. We can’t accept returns of paints that have been opened, in case dust and dirt have got into the tin.

Leftover paint can be donated or decanted into a cardboard container to dry. Recycling facilities can’t take liquid paint, but will often accept it once it’s hardened.

Alternatively, leftover paint can be resealed and stored for a future project. Top quality paint like ours lasts a long time!

Paint that doesn’t cost the Earth

When we say ‘mindfulness’ is at the core of Zhoosh, we don’t just mean mindful practices. We want our eco paint to be part of mindful living: an awareness of the world around us.

By choosing products that are sustainable, appeal to your senses and have been crafted with care, you can be more comfortable and mindful in your home.

For any more information about the sustainability of our paints, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Or, if you’re ready to get started, browse our sustainable paints online.