Quality Paint Delivers Value for Money

A coat of Zhoosh paint lets you create a wonderful new space without breaking the bank. Here’s how we guarantee you value for money.

How do we keep costs down?

Experience in the paint industry

Our team has a wealth of experience in the painting and decorating industry. We know how to make good paint - and we're confident that we provide a good service.

Our customers expect high quality, lovely colours, and reliable delivery, but they also trust us to provide all this at good value.

We’re not a young start-up tapping into trends to make money, and we’re not looking to diversify into a whole lifestyle collection of soft furnishings and other products. Paint is what we know, and we know it well.

Made in the UK

While other brands import their products or materials, Zhoosh paint is entirely made in the UK.

This means lower transportation costs, less admin and less staffing needed to create the product. And, because we sell our paints online, there’s no wholesaler markups increasing the cost.

We only ship to the UK. With less distance for the components and finished goods to travel, we reduce the fuel costs needed to transport our paints – to us and to you. There’s also less risk of damage and waste during paint delivery.

By limiting these additional costs, we can guarantee that the price you pay is a true reflection of the value you receive.

High quality ingredients

Cheaper paints are a false economy.

If a paint uses inferior raw materials, it will generally require more coats to deliver an even covering and a quality finish. This means you’ll need to buy more tins to achieve the same result.

At Zhoosh, we source the best ingredients for our high quality paints, so you can be assured of a good finish for fewer coats.

It’s true that some material costs are going up, but we’re not spending huge amounts on big ads, or massive marketing campaigns. We're letting the paints speak for themselves - and it's working. This means we can absorb costs as much as possible without passing them on to you, the customer.

How we increase value

We like to call Zhoosh a premium paint brand without the premium price tag. Being premium means we pay attention to every aspect of our service.

We don’t want you to waste money on a colour that isn’t right, which is why we’ve put so much thought into our paint sample patches. These large, adhesive patches are painted with two coats of real paint, allowing you to try out our colours before you invest in a full coat.

We ship our paint in recycled packaging, which you can then recycle yourself.

We even take a lot of care in the presentation of our paint. New paint is exciting, and we want you to enjoy the experience!

We always welcome feedback, and we rely on your comments to continually improve our service and increase the value of our paint.

If you ever want to get in touch, please contact us via our website, by emailing info@zhooshpaints.com, or by phoning 01256 590 455.

Quality paint that doesn’t cost the Earth

Decorating needn’t cost the earth. By choosing Zhoosh Paint, you can keep costs down, enjoy long-term value, and trust that you have invested in an eco-friendly, ethical brand.

Explore our range of sustainable paints today.