Animal Safe Paints

It’s important that our paints are safe enough to use in the most sensitive areas of your home – babies' nurseries and children's bedrooms, for example – but you’ll also want to know your furry, four-legged family members are safe too!

So Zhoosh Paints aren’t just made with people in mind – all our eco-friendly, low VOC paints are animal safe, too. And it goes beyond producing paints that are safe to use in your home – it includes ensuring our paints are animal safe from start to finish.

No animal testing

Zhoosh Paints are not tested on animals. We're happy to answer any questions about this - just ask - but the bottom line is that we do not test our products on animals.

We aim to minimise potential harms throughout our product range, including during development, and avoiding animal testing is one of our commitments to achieving this.

Our paint is not vegan, and again if you'd like to know more about the manufacturing process, we're happy to answer any specific questions you have about this. We are hoping to offer vegan paints in the future as we develop new products and recipes.


Low-VOC paint is eco-friendly and, crucially, habitat-friendly. Our paints are water-based and very low in VOCs, and small residues can be washed away without harming the environment.

We also use recycled and 100% recyclable paint tins, which can be rinsed and recycled at your local council-run recycling centre, so there's no single-use plastic paint tubs leftover after you finish decorating.

Pet safety

Last but not least are the animals who share our homes in the most literal sense - our furry companions who live in our households as part of the family!

Low-VOC paints from Zhoosh Paints  are safe for use around domestic animals. We'd suggest keeping them out of the room until the paint has dried, so as to avoid paint paw prints across the floor, but in terms of irritant ingredients, there should be no health hazard once our animal safe paint is dry.