Getting festive with fabulous Christmas colours

Getting festive with fabulous Christmas colours

The pumpkins are gone, the fireworks all finished - so that means one thing: time to start planning for Christmas.

Before getting the decorations out, it’s worth having a look around to see how your home is going to feel this festive period. A quick refresh prior to putting up the tree is a great idea, so here are our top tasks over the next few weeks:

Firm up your frontage

Whether you have one that comes out every year, or choose to create a new one from scratch, a wreath is the classic way to signify to guests that your home is Christmas-ready.

It’s worth checking the state of the door itself first though: this year has seen some very hot weather, which might have had an impact if your door is wood.

Give the whole thing a thorough clean with warm soapy water and if you have time, a new coat of paint will make it pop. Ensure your door furniture is clean and shiny too.

Help your hallway

Banisters can look a little tired by the end of the year, and while they look great with lights and garlands, worn paint beneath your decorations is not the best look.

Why not given the banisters a quick refresh - they will look all the better for it! If you have always gone for white, consider a different colour that will withstand the high traffic. Darker grey and black painted banisters look great in any style of home.

Create a quick feature wall

Redecorating an entire room might not be practical as we race towards Christmas, but a feature wall can give a space a whole new look, without much fuss. Rich dark greens and berry reds are particularly festive and can pop against neutral spaces, looking good all year round.

Paint around the fireplace if you have a traditional home, if yours is more modern
then opting for the wall opposite the window is usually a good bet, as your new colour will get the light on it.

Consider your furniture

If you have guests coming for Christmas, and plan on placing a large tree in your living space, now is the time to reconsider your layout. Look at where additional chairs can be added and perhaps invest in a basket of throws and blankets to make sure everyone can feel cosy.

Light some candles

We love a good festive candle – the home is filled with the smell of nutmeg, cinnamon and spice. Placing one in the hallway and one in the living room will be enough – they will make your home look warm and inviting and ensure your communal rooms smell fabulous.

Guest rooms

Overnight guests? Time to check out your spare room. Little touches will make people feel welcome: a tray of toiletries, flowers, bespoke towels and quality bedding. Clean all window blinds and skirting and give the space a good airing now if it is not normally used.

The period before Christmas always goes by in a flash so now is the time to address these little touches, before the tree goes up and the family arrive!