“Bringing the Outdoors in” this Easter

“Bringing the Outdoors in” this Easter

Easter is a very popular time for decorating and we are seeing a huge rise in sales of our green shades as we settle into Spring.

Lighter, paler greens like Birdsong and Herb Garden in particular tend to be popular around this time of year as we all look to the warmer months and ‘bringing the outdoors in’.

‘Bringing the outdoors in’ taps into ‘attention restoration theory’ - the concept that exposure to nature relieves mental fatigue. “We are part of the natural world and we have a need to connect with nature,” says psychotherapist Patricia Hasbach, author of ‘Grounded: a guided journal to help you reconnect with the power of nature and yourself’.

And popular interior designer Maxine Brady agrees, advising: “Colours like green balance with sunshine for a calming look.”

Here are some other ways to bring the outdoors in this Spring:

Make the most of the windows

Bi-folds or sliding doors are great for merging the outdoor and indoor spaces, but if this is not an option, simply make the most of your windows by using paint effects to draw the eye – lines on the wall and natural coloured frames. Keep the decoration simple with potted plants that naturally connect with the garden or exterior view.

Choose matching tones

If you don’t want to get too carried away with green, opt for beiges, whites or greys. An earthy pallet will reference most garden areas and create a feeling of calm in a living space, reflecting the outdoors and providing a fantastic backdrop for most styles of furniture.

Go floral

Floral or garden prints enhance a feeling of wellness in the home and immediately connect with nature. A sofa or bedding with leaf print with will provide an instant link to biophilia which can lift the mood and evoke a feeling of relaxation.

Natural materials

Recycled, responsible and reused materials connect us with nature as well as being more responsible – cotton, hemp, cork, wood and bamboo help reduce carbon footprints as well as reflecting the natural world.

Our decorating accessories pack* is the perfect way to be a bit more sustainable - all the products are made with recycled materials, with premium bamboo handles ensuring a comfortable painting project. They can be re-used again and
again, the pulp tray will actually strengthen after drying each time.


Mix and match real and artificial plants for an abundant but easy to manage collection. If you have a garden, the indoor plants provide a mirror image, and if you don’t, consider a window box or hanging baskets which can act as outdoor ornaments that still deliver a touch of biophilia.

Bringing the outdoors in does not have to break the bank. By taking the time to note your views, and adding a few matching colours and textures, you can subtly extend your room into the outdoors in really practical, simple ways.

Have a great Easter.

* Not only is our accessories pack great for the planet – it's great for your pocket too! Because if you buy 2 x 2.5L tins in the run up to Easter, will include the accessories pack FOR FREE!