Have you heard of Slow Decorating?

Have you heard of Slow Decorating?

In a time when we seek and consume things quickly, slowing down and being more mindful is a wonderful boost to the soul - and Slow Decorating is a classic example of that.

It’s being talked about in the media quite a bit as others start to realise the benefits and in a nutshell, it’s about taking your time but also making thoughtful considered choices as you decorate – often repurposing existing belongings or pre-loved items, repainting small sections of rooms for a new lease of life, or upcycling furniture. It’s the antithesis of fast fashion and constant turnover - and we love it.

Our tastes change as we travel to new places and experience new things. These all impact our homes and our décor: Zhoosh’s collection of mindful colours was curated slowly over years of travel to reflect my love of nature. It gets added to only when a colour is right, not to try and tap into a trend.

Slow Decorating is just like that. It’s the home version of mixing new clothes with vintage.

Vintage shopping – and by extension the increasingly popular clothing rental – supports a more sustainable lifestyle, helping consumers embrace a fashion industry that respects the planet, reducing waste by using existing resources more efficiently. It also shows respect for quality materials, old styles and the deeper meaning of a garment.

The same can be said for furniture and home accessories. Upcycling existing items and mixing them with new, or sourcing pre-loved, can add a real feeling of heritage and character to a home.

Colour changes should never be rushed. Spend time in your space considering which elements could do with a refresh. Get inspiration from other homes, consider your interests and then create moodboards before rushing in. Scour socials – there’s plenty of inspiration there! Consider using paint in new ways - zoning, some stripes, a couple of colour boxes, a feature wall, some colour smudging. Look at your furniture, the seasons your home suits best and the light that comes into each room. Small changes might be best to start with, and
remember you can always paint over it if you don’t like it.

Our paints are the lowest emission paints on the market, all our packaging is completely recyclable, so you can use without guilt. If you’re unsure on colours, our colour patches - which are of course real paint on squares of completely recycled paper - will help you decide how and where the colour will develop over time, to suit you and your changing needs and tastes.

Homes can and should evolve over time. Small changes can completely change the feel of a space, without taking it apart. It's layering, helping a home grow with you as you inhabit its rooms and grow yourself. 

Embrace a gentler pace of decorating and enjoy yourself!