How to add new colours to your home

How to add new colours to your home

We can all get stuck in a style rut in our homes.

It’s understandable: we choose colours and textures that we feel most comfortable with.

This is important as the home is a sanctuary, a place to feel relaxed and safe. But sometimes it’s good to make a change, like we did with our new colours. We started Zhoosh Paints with a collection of earthy, natural hues, as that reflected our love of the land and all things sustainable. The collection has now grown though, to incorporate our passion for travel and other cultures. This means we now have some bold and impactful brights alongside our more muted tones, and we love them all.

If you look around and feel like parts of your home could do with a zhoosh up (literally!) then the first thing to do is to consider what inspires you. What are your interests, your hobbies, are they reflected in your interiors? Then look at other homes, invest in some of the traditional home magazines (there are so many to choose from, we think great starting points are Homestyle, Your Home, Ideal Home and Real Homes).

Social media is a hive of wonderful home activity simply searching home on Instagram will take you to some fantastic content creators, all sharing clips and images of their own spaces and taking you on their own journey, with real life hints and tips of how to can make subtle or bold changes to your home. Pinterest then helps you hone your tastes into a theme, bringing things together into moodboards that you can tweak as you continue to consider how you want things to look.

It’s important to take your time to choose colours that appeal to you, especially if you are looking to take a leap into a completely new palette – ordering in samples will help you make that important decision.

Our sample patches are the largest on the market, and are all created with recycled paper, coated with two layers of paint to give you the most authentic prediction. Resealable, they can be placed around your room so that you can see how the colours work in different lights and at different times of day. The beauty of the patches is that you can mix them up and start to explore different colour combinations.

Once your paint has arrived, it’s worth taking your time to check it’s the right colour for you; it can look different on a larger area. Paint one wall and leave it a day or two, to ensure you are comfortable with how it looks in situ across a large surface. Then complete the room.

And enjoy! Don’t worry, if you don’t like it, you can change it again in time. That’s the beauty of paint – it’s a relatively cost-effective and easy way to completely change your home. But if you take your time to plan your theme, and make it about you and what makes you happy, while working with your existing furnishings, it should be a change for the good.

Happy decorating!