Fun with feature walls

Fun with feature walls

A feature wall – also known as an accent wall – is an area within a room where the colour or pattern differs from the rest of the space. 

You can do this by wallpapering one section of the room – traditionally a fireplace surround – however over the last few years, people have realised the versatility of paint when it comes to feature walls: and we are all for that!!

Here are some ways to make sure your feature wall is harmonious, and brings your room to life while keeping the flow.

Take your time Look at the room from all angles and note where and when the light hits. You don’t have to choose the most obvious part of the room for your feature wall. It’s great to go for an area that the eye is naturally drawn to (again it’s the fireplace surround if you have a period property), but sometimes a darker corner might need a little pop.

Go bold If your colours are too close, the feature wall will blend in, which is not the general idea. Complementary colours can really work – greys and blues, greens and beiges – but going out of your comfort zone may surprise you! Popular combinations that really work are green and pink and blue and yellow: you’re not looking for a match.

Consider patterns Patterns are not just limited to wallpaper: with some good quality masking tape and the right kind of brush, you can create a whole world on your wall. Triangles in corners work really well, as do squares within the wall. Stripes or smaller boxes also create an impact and arches are very popular. Always measure and draw out your patterns first, clean the wall thoroughly before painting and remove the masking tape before the paint fully dries for the best effect.

Look at your furniture Feature walls can be used to frame your furniture, or zone an area within a room. For example, a large colour square around a bed can create the effect of a bed frame, or an arch around a table can designate a dining area. In 2020, when most of us worked from home, this became more popular as we sought to separate our living and work areas in different ways.

The most important thing is to have a go and have fun! If you hate it, you can always paint over it!

If you’re looking for inspiration for a feature wall, we love the work of Very Gay Paint and Sarah Beams Interiors. And if you’re not feeling confident about how to contrast or complement your paint choices, we provide colour matching advice with every tin of paint purchased – so you can be confident your wall will work!!