Music for mindfulness

Music for mindfulness

Here at Zhoosh, we are passionate about mindfulness, and the importance of all the senses in helping to create a space that encourages this practice.

Living busy lives, it’s important to have a home that helps us to relax, unwind and feel safe. And this means that all the senses come into play: sight, touch, smell, taste and sound.

Music plays a huge role in this. You might have noticed that the names of our colours give a nod to different musical genres. This is not an accident!

Music can calm your physiology without you even realising it. It can lift your mood, slow your breathing and calm your mind. We love it.

Many meditators use music to enhance their experience of mindfulness, and even if you don’t practice meditation, music has, without doubt, the power to inspire. It brings us into the present, which is the main aim of mindfulness. It makes the mind listen and focus. It also requires a level of concentration: background music exists of course, but to truly appreciate a piece of music, it’s important to listen to it in its entirety.

This means it has visible effects on the brain – research has shown that listening to music you enjoy can increase brain connectivity. "Music is primal. It affects all of us, but in very personal, unique ways" said Jonathan Burdette, a neuroradiologist at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Centre. "Your interaction with music is different than mine, but it's still powerful."

That’s the thing - it is very personal. Just like the colours on your wall, the carpet on your floor and the candles you enjoy; the music you listen to is your own personal taste. So open your ears, indulge and enjoy. Use all your senses to create a truly mindful home.

As Beethoven himself said: “Music is the mediator between the life of the senses and the life of the spirit.”

And we’re not going to argue with Ludwig.

Want to hear some of our mindful musical suggestions? We’ve put together a Spotify playlist, which we send out with every purchase made. It’s quite the mix – we love it! Look out for the details with your delivery.