christmas tree decorations

Festive colours for your home

Winter is a wonderful time for decorating – the colder weather has us spending a bit more time indoors, so it’s natural that we should start to look at quick and easy ways to have a refresh.

And what is easier than a new coat of paint? Changing the colour of your backdrop can create a whole new ambience in a room, bringing new life to your furniture and some added zhoosh (see what we did there!) to your decorations.

What’s more, if you choose your colours carefully, you can have a new look for Christmas that works really well as we move into Spring.

Our collection of earthy paints provides a wonderfully diverse range of colours, here are our suggestions for a festive feel that will work long after the tinsel has been tidied away.

Pink and green are really popular colour combinations, so why not try a soft pink to complement a real Christmas tree? Our Love Heart is a cheerful pale candy colour, while our Calm Serenity provides a more subtle hint of colour that will look cool and calm in any home.

Bring the colour of winter forests into the home, with rich dark greens that are reminiscent of the great outdoors. Our Hip Hop Green is bright and cheerful while our Rock Green is a deeper, darker shade that can create a strong, comforting feel in the colder months, before naturally embracing the Spring sunshine when it arrives.

Make it a white Christmas, regardless of snowfall! This classic paint choice brings brightness to a room, reflecting the light and providing the perfect neutral backdrop to any Christmas decoration style, whether you go for traditional or contemporary. And it works all year round.

No Christmas is complete without a splash of red, but you don’t need to be as scarlet as the stockings on the mantlepiece! Our Sahara Dust is a softer, warmer take on the classic shade, bringing a mindful and mellow feel to a room and working perfectly with candles or open fires for a rich and cosy Christmas, and warm transition from winter into Spring.

Happy painting! The furniture is often moved around to make room for the tree anyway, so it’s the perfect time to give your room a little lift and refresh your old Christmas decorations. Now, where is that eggnog……