Creating the perfect eco-bathroom

Creating the perfect eco-bathroom

There’s something so therapeutic about a good bathroom.

Whether you are opting for bright colours, patterned tiles, darky moody hues or neutral tones, the key is to make it as relaxing as possible.

This is the room where you get ready for the day, or unwind after a long one. Where you shower to wake up, get fresh and feel good, or have a long, hot soak to relax and destress.

As well as making it look good, you want to make it feel good – and be good for the planet at the same time. Sustainable swaps are easy to make, so here are some of our tips on how to create the perfect eco bathroom.

Choose Zhoosh Paints

We are obviously going to start with this one! Our paints are all made here in the UK and despatched to order, so there’s no waste. They have been rated minimal (the lowest possible) VOC and have been given an A+ rating for air emissions. The tins are recyclable and the labels are all made from recyclable paper.

If you’re unsure on colour, our paint patch samples are provided on hand-painted recycled paper - the whole patch including the backing is 100% recyclable, unlike other paint brands. You can paint with a clear conscience as well as a cracking colour.

Swap your soaps

Get rid of the plastic bottles of shower gel and bring back the soap - it’s much more friendly to the environment and you can get bars to wash your face, body and hair. Soapnuts have a fantastic range: you can get a lucky dip of 10 shampoo and body soaps for just £33 and with lots of utterly delicious-sounding ingredients, you will smell and feel fabulous!


Bring in the bamboo

Swap those plastic toothbrushes for bamboo: it’s much kinder for the environment. You can also get bamboo toilet paper! Bamboo is cut just above the root, meaning it can sprout year after year, growing an impressive three feet per day. The Cheeky Panda has some great products.


Go for natural fibres

Wood works really well in bathrooms, as it is so reminiscent of the nature, the sea and the healing power of water. We love wooden cabinets in a bathroom anyway and trays across the bath upon which to rest your book (and wine)! are a lovely way to give a nod to nature while also adding something functional and stylish to your space. Tikamoon specialises in reclaimed wooden furniture and has some lovely items for the bathroom.


Soy candles

Candles are a necessity here! Perfect for creating a really relaxing and mindful mood for a long hot soak. For the eco-conscious, try a vegan candle from the likes of Wearth London or Peace with the Wild.



Make sure you are using sustainable cotton or bamboo towels. Pact’s organic cotton towels are very high quality, and Coyuchi’s are made without any harmful chemicals. Wash your towels on a low heat using eco-friendly washing powder: The Good Housekeeping Institute rates Ecover and Smol as the two best options.


We are all about creating mindful, relaxing spaces and the bathroom should be the most relaxing, calming space of all in your home. By trying to swap a few things for more eco-friendly alternatives, you can soon create a sanctuary that is truly good - for the planet and for you.