Hector the dog lying in front of Zhoosh paint patches

Zhoosh Paint gets A+ rating for its low VOC paint!

There's quite a lot to think about when it comes to paint.

First of all, the colour. Then the type of paint, according to the surface you’re looking at (for instance, paint for woodwork or metal). And naturally, cost comes into things.

But one of the main aims with Zhoosh Paints was to create a collection of colours that made your home feel calm and safe.

It’s vital that your paint looks good. As well as having the right tones for your home’s colour palette, you want them to work well, stand up to pressure in high traffic areas and clean well if needed (in testing, our eco paint has been proven to have excellent “scrubbability”!)

The real focus for us, though, has to be how kind the paints are to those around them.

Our water based paints have been rigorously tested for their emission of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs): human-made chemicals that are often used and produced in the manufacture of paints.

We know we make low VOC paint, but we’re delighted to share that the testing has shown us just how low. Our sustainable paints have been independently checked to see what emissions were let off once applied, and the results showed it exceeded industry standards and emitted very little VOC. This means it's both non toxic paint AND low odour paint.

This is great! But the independent tests carried out by Eurofins also checked production process and raw materials to ensure the full process meets VOC regulations across Europe.

We’re delighted to confirm that the testing resulted in an A+ rating in the French VOC emissions grading. The French VOC Label is compulsory for construction and decoration products sold on the French market, but it’s also proof of our own high standards as a UK manufacturer. It means Zhoosh paint was tested for 28 days in a ventilated chamber, according to ISO 16000, and came away with the best result you can get!

You couldn’t ask for better assurance that our paints are safe - for kids, for pets, and for all family members.

Put plainly, paint can’t help you create a mindful space if it’s full of chemicals. It's not going to help you feel relaxed if you’re worried about the potential impact the chemical content could be having on your children or animals.

So when you browse Zhoosh paints online, you can be confident that whichever colour you choose will look good, smell good and feel good.

Helping you create good homes, in every way!