How scrubbable is our paint?

How scrubbable is our paint?

We love the science of paint. Mixing colours, looking at textures, checking VOC content – there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make our paints the most pleasing and relaxing products possible, for you and your home.

The latest experiment we carried out was great fun. It was all about scrubbability!

Our low VOC paint has to put up with a lot. In the kitchen, there are food splashes. In the hallway, the risk of mud and general marks from bags and coats in a high traffic area. The bathroom wall has to deal with steam and splashed toothpaste.

And walls suffer more than just daily wear and tear, as anyone with a busy household can confirm. If you have little people who like paints and pens, or pets with mucky paws, chances are you'll be scrubbing those walls more than once!

So paint is frequently wiped with warm or soapy water, and the key for paint manufacturers like us is to make sure the paint can handle the scrubbing without losing any of its colour. You don’t want to end up with paler patches throughout your home.

Enter our scrubbability test. Put simply, we painted the walls, rolled up our sleeves and gave our painted surfaces a good scrubbing. Several times. And we didn’t stop with our own paint, we checked the performance of our products against other paints on the market. We even invited objective ‘scrubbers’ to come in and carry out the comparitive tests, without telling them which paints were from which company. Bias has no place in science!

And we’re delighted to tell you how well our water based paints performed in the scrubbability tests. Zhoosh Paints had the least colour fade peel or texture change. After just five scrubs, there was no change at all. To any of our colours.

At Zhoosh, it's key for us to consider not just how our paints look, smell and feel, but how you will be interacting with them.

How do you chose your colours? How do you use the website? What products do you buy together? How well does the paint go onto its surface? How long does the paint last? How well does it stand up to high traffic and cleaning? How good is it for the environment?

It's our job to put ourselves in the minds of our customers at all times and test that our paint is meeting those needs.

With that in mind, what experiment would you like us to carry out next?