How to paint metal

How to paint metal

As well as paints for ceilings and walls in our range, we offer paints for metal and wood. 

Every product in our range of earthy colours can be purchased for ceilings, walls, woods and metal. Perfect if you’re looking to coordinate your backdrop with your radiators or doors and skirting boards – known as colour washing. 

Put simply, colour washing means using the same colour throughout your room. It can help a space feel bigger – you’re not breaking the colour up with white – and yet cosier at the same time, as that lovely colour you’ve chosen truly envelopes you. 

As long as you choose the right paint and prepare your surfaces correctly, it’s quite easy to do. 

To make sure you’re ready to get it right, here are some quick tips on how to prepare metal for painting. 

1. Remove old paint  

Before you even start to think about painting, metal surfaces must be free from dirt, grease, old paint and rust.  

2. Remove the paint first.  

A wire brush – or wire brush attachment on a drill – is the tool you need for getting rid of loose or flaking paint 

3. Tackle the rust 

Rust can collect easily on radiators with access to moisture. If the rust has penetrated quite deeply you may need to apply a rust remover. This will leave a greasy residue so remove the grease left by the cleaner by using acetone on a sponge or rag – water will not work. 

4. Scuff the surface and prime

You then need to rub a scuffing pad along the metal surface, which provides a texture (tiny grooves and allows the primer to adhere to the metal). Now prime the metal. 

5. Paint! 

Once the primer is dry, mix the paint according to instructions – use a high quality brush to apply the paint, going in the same direction as much as possible. Our metal paints have a thinner consistency so if you use a good quality brush, you should not be left with any bristle marks. 

Don’t forget to wait until the paint is completely dry before moving your item.