Best paint for kitchens

Best paint for kitchens

The kitchen is the heart of the home, they say. In recent years it has certainly taken centre stage. Living spaces have become more open plan and kitchens have included dining and lounge areas, often leading straight out onto gardens to maximise space

It means that they provide more functions than ever before - the kitchen is not just for cooking. It is for serving, socialising, storing, playing and relaxing. Since Covid, the kitchen is the office for many of us, too.

So the room that was once smaller and used purely for food preparation now performs more roles than any other space in your home - and it needs to be decorated accordingly, and be flexible enough to cope all the activity.

The walls in your kitchen are included in this. Most days, the walls and surfaces will have to endure steam, smoke, splashes and grease. So walls and ceiling paint needs to be strong enough to handle that, and be able to be washed and wiped on a regular basis. You don’t want to choose a paint that flakes and peels at the first feeling of heat or sight of steam.

Eggshell paints provide durability and can be wiped repeatedly. We recently tested our paints for how well they responded to cleaning and were delighted to see that independent, objective tests against other leading paint brands showed that ours performed the best. Scrubbability is key in a kitchen as you are likely to be cleaning more stubborn stains more regularly. Not just food: drink, mud, pens, paint, scuffs from coats or pets – this high traffic area needs its upkeep!

If you are looking for really hardy paints though, you might want to consider our paints for metal and woodwork. Low sheen paints with good coverage, these paints are ideal for finishing off projects or providing long lasting cover in busy areas. Tough and washable, our metal and woodwork paints dry in two hours and is resistant to stains. All our mindful and relaxing colours are available for walls, ceilings, metal and woodwork.

Of course, a room that is used a lot needs to be healthy. That’s why our paints are all low VOC, with no fumes, and come in recyclable packaging. Made in the UK, their journey from factory to your door has emissions so you can be comfortable that you are purchasing paint that is better for the planet as well as your walls!

Why not order a few paint patches to see what works best in your kitchen?

We’ll look after the paint performance, all you need to do is choose your colour.

Here’s to happy, healthy and long-lasting decorating!