A freshly decorated bathroom with Zhoosh woodwork paint on the panelling

Are you a minimalist or a maximalist?

Because we're the Mindful Paint Company, you might think we're all about minimalism: interior design that celebrates the little things and leaves more space for you.

Really, though, we love maximalism just as much, for making homes feel joyous and inviting.

With two such opposite styles to choose from, how do you decide what's right for you? 


There are several theories about when Minimalism first emerged, but minimalist interior design first became a trend in the 1920s and 1930s. Known as the Bauhaus era, this was when the notion of balancing beauty with utility first came into play.

Minimalism really hit the mainstream in the 1950s and 60s when a Scandi influence started to emerge, and again in the 1980s with bold industrial styles.

Contemporary minimalism is a much softer aesthetic than its previous incarnations: as it has evolved, it has become a more comfortable and calming way of decorating a home.

When you think of minimalism, lighter paints traditionally spring to mind. However, the modern consumer now has a rich palette to choose from, allowing them to achieve a minimalist aesthetic without opting for white paint all over. Natural materials like wood and metal work really well, while warmth and texture can be added through biophilia – rich greenery provides a wonderful contrast to lighter paints and furnishings without adding too much colour.

Minimalism is also an excellent choice for those wanting to create a mindful space, particularly when earth tones like green or red are incorporated.

Look at Miramalistic or Thebartahouse on Instagram for inspiration.


At the opposite end of the spectrum is maximalism. As the term suggests, maximalist interior design takes everything to the max: colours, contrasts, textures, patterns, prints. This is not about cluttered Victorian drawing rooms, though the period clearly has an influence.

Maximalism has gained popularity recently as the 'grandmillennial' or 'granny chic' trend. However, it's not just a modern fashion: lavish designs and bold materials have been used to promote wealth and privilege for centuries. The current take on it definitely has a more playful vibe, however, and doesn't require great wealth - just choose shiny furniture, bold patterns and lots of art and accessories. If you’re looking for inspiration, we love Interior Curve.

Maximalism can work particularly well for those wanting to create a cosy, intimate environment.

Which should you choose?

We love both minimalist and maximalist interior design styles, so our wide range of paint colours will work great for either. The only question is: do you prefer simplicity or ‘stuff’?

Just like choosing a colour scheme, it all comes back to your own personality. At Zhoosh, we’re not great believers in trends. We think your home should be a calm, comforting space in which you can relax and be your true self - whatever your style!