What do your paint colours say about you?

Posted on May 04 2022, By: Zhoosh Team

A selection of Zhoosh paint patches

Choosing a paint colour is a very personal process.

There are several things to consider: the room's lighting, your furniture, your accessories, and the matching or contrasting paint colours you're going to pair with your lead colour.

But that's not all. Did you know, your choice of paint colour can also say something about you?

If you look objectively at your interior, you can start to pick up the odd theme. In some homes it’s obvious: a love of grey, for instance, which features in every space. In others, it will be less clear - maybe the odd bit of blue contrast, or a general feeling of warm neutrality throughout.

According to colour experts, this is perfectly normal. While we may respond to trends and sometimes break away from our natural impulses, most of us to tend to come back to our innate preferences, be they bold bright colours or calming neutrals.

Warm, soft choices like yellow paint or pink paint are supposedly energising and can stimulate conversation and appetite, and lovers of these paint colours are seen as friendly and welcoming. Pale blue and green paints, meanwhile, unsurprisingly make us think of plants and are more likely to be chosen by home-owners seeking a calm, relaxing space.

Bright paint colours bring instant glamour and a sense of contrast to a space. Because these jewel tones are unusual within a home, they have instant impact. Lovers of these types of paint colour are more likely to be creative and outgoing.

Neutral paint colours remain constantly popular, and for good reason. Whether it’s a light beige paint or a pale grey paint, neutrals reflect the earth - sand, rock, mud - and bring a sense of security to a home. Lovers of neutrals know what they are doing; they want a room that works for everyone, whether it follows a strict neutral palette or incorporates some colour pops.

When choosing a paint colour, therefore, the most important thing is that your home reflects you. It's why we offer adhesive paint patches for all our water-based paints; so you can test out our colours to find the perfect match.

Trends will come and go, but your home is your sanctuary. It should be practical to suit your lifestyle and decorated in a style that suits your personality.

So, what paint will you choose? What does it say about you? Let us know by sharing your pictures with the hashtag #ZhooshUp!