Tins of Rhythmic Yellow paint with a brush

Introducing two new colours to the Zhoosh Paints range

We started our water based paint range with a core selection of colours – not many, just over 20.  The key for us is always going to be quality over quantity.

We don’t think consumers need huge ranges of colours to choose from. One shade can look slightly different a number of times a day, depending on the light coming in the window and emanating from within the room and the rest of the house.

So a core colour that works for your room is all you need. An earthy, inviting, relaxing and minimalist paint colour that sits well with you, your furnishings and your way of life. That reflects your interests, your accessories and makes you feel, well, GOOD.

Our core collection of paint colours is never going to explode into a massive range – but we will be adding to it. When our research leads us to a shade we know people want. When our colour creators reach that colour and are happy with the way it sits alongside other partner colours in the range, and know that it brings something new to the palette.

With that in mind – welcome to the two newest additions to our Zhoosh Paints range!

Rhythmic Yellow is a soothing and subtle shade with base notes of yellow, perfect for Spring and Summer. Earthy and natural in tone, it is reminiscent of summer hay, gentle sand and the warm late afternoon sun.

Providing an ideal shade for any room, it partners particularly well with our Mellow Grey Paint, Mellow White Paint and Pop Blue Paint.

A square of rhythmic yellow

Rock Grey Paint meanwhile, complements our existing palette perfectly. An accent colour to almost all of our paints or a standalone star of its own story, this grey is calming, cool and grounding, but could provide the ideal backdrop to brighter notes and splashes. This pairs well with our Soulful Beige Paint, Country Green Paint or Smooth Blue Paint.

These two new additions mean Zhoosh now has 27 calm paint colours, which together provide an affordable, accessible and premium paint range for a soothing home environment.

Each colour has been carefully created to reflect nature and encourage mindfulness. 100% manufactured in the UK, our sustainable paints are low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), with virtually no odour. They are non-toxic and easy to use - and all the tins are completely recyclable.

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