Mindfulness stones

Mindfulness stones

You may have noticed that our logo has been created to look like stacking stones.

We are huge fans of stone stacking. A spiritual hobby, it is seen by many as a real art form. It is meditative and brings peace and quiet to the mind. In cultural terms, stone stacks have traditionally been used to mark graves or to act as navigation symbols but they have also been created for pleasure for centuries, often accompanied by a contemplative prayer.

Lessons that can be learned from stone stacking include impermanence, patience, gratitude, creativity and a love of simplicity.

There are four main types of stacking stones:

Balanced stacking - rocks are lain flat upon each other to a great height
Counterbalance - lower rocks depend on the weight of upper rocks to keep their balance
Freestyle - a mix of the two above
Pure balance - each individual rock in near-point balance

They have become a popular aid to mindfulness because when stacking, you are truly in the moment; you are focused only on creating the stack - and as it is usually outdoors, you are connected to nature and the earth.

So the stacking stones are relevant to Zhoosh paints in more ways than one. A mindful paint company, we are passionate about bringing balance to you and your space - and we have created gentle, earthy tones to settle the mind and soothe the soul.

Next time you find yourself surrounded by stones or pebbles, try stacking. It’s a genuine pleasure.