The colours of Autumn

The colours of Autumn

This time of year is so inspiring, as nature gives us some of its very best colours.

Shorter, colder days bring a crisp and cold light from the low sun as it cuts  through the bare trees and gives an almost melancholy mood during the day, while vibrant oranges, yellows and browns from fallen leaves give a nod to glowing bonfires, shiny conkers and deep, messy mud.

These colours contrast with the dark, nurturing and nesting evenings, when we take to our homes, enveloped by misty dusks and inky nights. The streets are more quiet; our doors are closed, our candles lit.

The colour palette of Zhoosh Paints complements this time of year perfectly, with soothing grey tones that mirror the cooler evenings and earthy greens to reflect the changing landscape. Mellow Pink makes us think of the season’s pale sunsets, while Smooth White and Country White remind us of the clouds that are quietly scudding across our skylines.

However you choose to embrace Autumn - lively nights out, country walks or quiet evenings around the fire – take a look at our paints, as you can choose colours in your living spaces that embrace you, welcome you towards winter and keep you warm, mindful and content in the moment.

Now, where’s my hot chocolate….?