Made in the UK

Posted on February 09 2022, By: Zhoosh Team

A set of Zhoosh paint packages on a table

All our paints are made in the UK.

It’s important to us, that detail.

Not because we are fierce loyalists or have a mistrust of products made elsewhere, but because our whole ethos is about being sustainable and keeping things close to home.

By making our water-based paints and our packaging locally, we’re keeping our carbon footprint as low as possible.

With less distance for the components and finished goods to travel, we are using less fuel to transport our paints – to us and to you. They can be delivered to you more quickly, direct to your door. There is also less risk of damage in transit, so less risk of waste.

We sell direct: no wholesaler markups and no extra stop off points adding to the logistics. Keeping it simple means keeping it sustainable. Our recycled paint tins are all created in the UK as well, with the aim of simple disposal that can easily circle back into the existing waste streams.

All this is for good reason - we are well into the government’s plan to improve the environment, which is working towards zero avoidable waste by 2050. The UN’s goals to tackle climate change focus on greenhouse gas emissions, among many other vital elements, and we should all be doing everything we can to preserve the earth’s valuable resources and reduce CO2 emissions.

It’s everyone’s responsibility to provide solutions that are better for the planet, no matter how small they are at first.

Being made in the UK is about economy and culture as well as environment. By working with local suppliers and manufacturers, we are supporting our local communities. The profits go back into the economy. And with consumers looking for more sustainable goods, it’s not just our ethos: it’s everyone's. It makes perfect business sense to start as we mean to go on.

By making ethical, eco-paints as locally as possible, we hope to make our own small changes to our country’s sustainable journey.

View our store to buy our low VOC paints online, or get in touch today if you have questions about our eco-goals.

As we grow, we intend to grow well!