It’s certainly different, we know.

So we thought we’d explain the name!

Zhoosh is actually a verb - meaning to improve something, to add a bit of sparkle, something a bit special. For example: “Let’s zhoosh that outfit up a bit”.

Some people attribute the word to Polari, a kind of slang used in the British underground performing arts scene. Others say it originates in the gay community in the late 70s. Either source sounds great to us!

Our paints are all about bringing something special to your home, to balance your space with welcoming, soothing tones. So we are definitely hoping to help you zhoosh up your home.

Our first pallete of pinks, blues, greens and whites could be just the thing to add a bit of sparkle to your sitting room or class to your kitchen: be it through a new feature wall, a whole room, a border or a furniture upcycle.

We’ll be adding more colours as we embark on the Zhoosh journey, so thankyou for joining us!