Inspiration – 1920s décor

Inspiration – 1920s décor

100 years ago, our ancestors were just kicking off the “Roaring Twenties”.

A decade of growth and economic prosperity, it was characterised by rapid construction and the fast growth of consumer goods. It was also a time of alleged decadence, as people recovered from the First World War.

This was reflected in interior design: glamour and sophistication were the order of the day, fuelled by the Art Deco movement. You could almost see the connection between fashion and interiors for the first time: hemlines rose, jewels were hung and headdresses reflected the glittering jazz ballrooms of the time.

The look was bold, mirrors, geometric patterns and bright, clashing colours or bold minimalism were both hugely popular.

We love it - and the good news is that there are some simple ways you can bring the glamour of the era into your home:

Use mirrors
Especially ones with a square or geometric pattern. These can be in any room and on any wall or space, they don’t have to be about the bathroom. They reflect the light and provide a real feeling of space as well as style.

Keep it sleek
Sleek materials such as polished wood or brushed metal were very popular at the time. Look for vintage wooden sideboards or tables, and metal accessories such as lamps to add a touch of the Twenties to your home.

Go bold on those colours
Think pinks and greens, blues and browns, colours that you might not normally put together - you’d be surprised how well they work. Our Rythmic Pink and Hip Hop Green, for example.
They would make a dreamy dining room combo!

Keep it streamlined
When it comes to your furniture, use clear shapes that lead to one another: curved chairs, oval tables, arched cupboards. The overall aim is to bring the whole space together and keep the room or space calm and coordinated.

Ultimately, your space should always feel authentic and relaxing, so it may be that you just take one element of this era’s style to add a pop of history to your home. As long as you enjoy the results and feel balanced and content – and make the look work for you.