A minimalist rose painted in blue

What do our paint names mean?

What’s in a name? Quite a lot, we think.

When creating our water-based paints, we’ve taken time to reach the exact shades that we think deliver a feeling of calm, to aid mindfulness and allow our customers to feel safe and relaxed. We’ve worked hard to create a collection of colours that complement each other and work well in all types of properties. We wanted to make sure our paints were memorable for consumers - for the right reasons. Those reasons are their lovely tones, their rich quality, their eco-credentials and the smoothness of the whole buying and delivery process.

Part of that process is finding and choosing your perfect colour - with ease. Life is complicated enough without being confused about paint names, so naturally, we’ve kept ours really straightforward. All our blue paints are called blue, our green paints are called green.

While we respect anyone’s choice of brand and product name, we just didn’t want to go down any wacky routes: there are no expired fish in our range, no old-fashioned men’s names and for us, numbers simply don’t add up when it comes to helping to visualise the beauty in colours.

Instead, we’ve differentiated the families in our collection by linking them to music, as music has such an impact on our moods and our mental health. You can keep it smooth or rock it up in our blue collection, depending on how you feel and how dark you want your paint to be. You can stick to soulful or go full on pop with a bold option in the green range.

Confusing? No. Clever? We’re not trying to be. Clear? We hope so.

A lot of time and effort goes into choosing the décor of your home. It’s so important to get it right, but we are all about mindfulness, not making things more complicated. You probably already know the colour you’re looking for - and if you don’t, our fantastic adhesive paint patch samples are perfect for helping you choose. They’re hand-painted (two coats on recycled paper) and are the largest ones out there, to give you a really good idea of how our paint will look and make you feel.

'A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,' said Shakespeare. Quite right. We think our paints would look and feel fabulous, regardless of what we called them.

But by bringing music into the mix, hopefully we’ve added an extra layer to the purchasing process - one that doesn’t detract from the decorating needs, but will inspire you when you pick up your paintbrush.

And if you need further inspiration, check out our favourite decorating tunes on Spotify.