Rhythmic Red paint on a table with a sprig of lavendar

Summer paint colours

Summer has finally arrived in the UK, with the hottest day of the year recorded in last week's heatwave. As temperatures exceed 29 degrees, what better time to get your home summer-ready?

With the right colour paint, you can almost hear the distant sound of an ice cream van - or maybe it’s insects buzzing, or the sea lapping. Test out a range of colours to find one that conjures these feelings for you - and remember, our Real Paint Patches are a great way to help you make your decision.

So fling open the windows and fire up the BBQ - here are our picks for the best summer paint colours.

Sunny Yellows

We were always going to have to start with the colour of the sun, weren’t we.

Our Beehive yellow paint is a soothing and subtle shade with base notes of yellow. Earthy and natural in tone, it’s reminiscent of summer hay, gentle sand and the warm late afternoon sun.

Of course, yellow is such a wonderfully uplifting colour that it doesn’t have to be summer for it to warm your home. While it’s especially relevant now that the hotter months are here, this colour will set off winter light beautifully too - embracing and warming the lower, cooler rays, and providing a comforting and relaxing backdrop to your room all year round.

Warm Reds

Some reds are bold and bright, and understandably make people think of winter and Christmas.

Our Sahara Dust red paint is more muted. It's an earthy, soothing and subtle shade, with base notes of red that have been tempered to make a more subtle tone. Think of a terracotta wall, warmed by the Mediterranean sun.

It works perfectly with a wide variety of colours and is relaxing, warm and welcoming - perfect for lazy Summer days.

Garden Greens

We have a few green paints in our colour collection, all of which are great for these summer months.

Our greens immediately reflect the outdoors, taking the mind to a private garden or sweeping grassy fields. Olive Tree green Paint in particular is perfect for evoking that hazy summer feeling.

With a hint of earthy beige, its nod to nature really does transport you outdoors – to sunshine, open spaces and the smell of freshly cut grass.

Whatever colours you choose for your home, make sure they make you happy. We put a lot of thought into creating our range of mindful paint colours, all to help you feel relaxed and content in your home.

Each colour has been carefully created to reflect nature and encourage mindfulness. 100% manufactured in the UK, the paints have minimal VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) content, with virtually no odour. They are safe and easy to use - and all the tins are completely recyclable.

Bring on the sun.