Made in the UK

Pet & Child Friendly


Recyled Tins & Eco-Friendly

4hrs Drying Time

Vegan & Cruelty Free

  • Product Info

    Just like freshly cut grass, this soft green paint has a vibrancy to give a fresh yet warm finish in any room

    Low VOC paint with great coverage for all interior walls and ceilings:

    • Available in 2.5ltr
    • Water based matt finish
    • Soft green paint with minimal VOC Content
    • Wipeable
    • Odour Free
    • Low Roller spatter
    • Easy to apply and quick drying
    • Touch dry in 1-2 hours, re-coatable in 4 hours
    • Internal Use

    Paint patches free delivery.

    Our flat matt has a 25 - 35 metres squared coverage and is ideal for all your interior projects on walls and ceilings. It has a smooth matt finish, find your perfect finish with our sample sheets.


    VOC Reduction

    Paint can often emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that contribute to poor indoor air quality. Our formulation significantly reduces VOC levels, ensuring a fresher and safer living space.

    Family-Safe Paint

    Perfect for bedrooms and play areas, our paint offers low odour and low VOC content, creating a safe environment for both children and pets.

    Environmental Benefits

    Opting for our low VOC paint supports eco-friendly practices, minimizing your home's environmental footprint.

    Minimal Odour

    Enjoy painting with our paint, which features minimal odour, allowing you to comfortably inhabit your freshly painted rooms sooner.

    Safer for Employees

    Commercial painters will appreciate the reduced toxic fumes from our paint, fostering a healthier workplace and safer job conditions.


    Our paints contains safe, low-emission ingredients such as 1,2-Benzisothiazol-3-(2H)-one, ensuring it meets the highest air quality standards with an A+ Air Label Score.



    This warm, fresh soft green paint is water-based with very low VOC levels, rated A+ for emissions. It’s non-toxic, has no harmful chemicals, and virtually no odour. Independently tested for safety.

    Quality, not Quantity

    We produce high-quality paint in small batches to minimise waste. Expect excellent coverage with fewer coats for a superior finish.

    Made in the UK

    All our paint is UK-made, reducing carbon footprint and supporting local communities. Direct-to-door delivery reduces transport fuel and waste.


    No Animal Testing

    Our paints are cruelty-free and not tested on animals. We focus on safety and aim to offer vegan options in the future.


    Eco-friendly and low-VOC, this warm, fresh, soft green paint is water-based and safe for the environment. Our recyclable tins make it a sustainable choice.

    Pet Safety

    Safe for pets, our paints have no harmful ingredients once dry. Keep pets out of the room until it dries to prevent any mess.

  • Product Type:

    Flat Matt

Use Matt for interior walls and ceilings, its 2.6% sheen level gives a true matt finish. Eggshell can be used on wood and metal (such as trim/doors etc) and also in high traffic areas, bathrooms and kitchens. It has a higher sheen level of 15-26%.

Expect to use 2 coats on typical surfaces. With darker colours a 3rd coat is often needed. Always allow for at least 2 hours drying time between coats and use a mid pile roller.

If you are painting over a dark colour to a light colour or a sheen/silk finish then yes, the emulsion will have a much better finish applying to a primed wall in these cases.

Tins ordered before 11am will be delivered next working day. Patches will be delivered in 2-3 working days.

Household and waste recycling sites are best to recycle paint, empty tin cans can easily be recycled or sent back to Zhoosh HQ for recycling. As long as the tin lid is put back on correctly and the tin is stored in a cool dry place paint can keep and is useful to keep for touch ups.

Please email and then will provide the link to process your refund. Please note only unopened, in original packaging and purchased within the last 30 days tins are eligible for refunds. 

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