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Ukraine Statement - Zhoosh Paints

We sympathise greatly with the suffering currently taking place in Ukraine.

The scenes of aggression and violence over the last week have caused the displacement of many tens of thousands of Ukrainian people from their homes and marked the onset of what could be the largest humanitarian crisis on our continent in decades.

We couldn’t help but think about the ways in which we could lend our support.

To help, we’ll be donating £2 from the purchase of every tin of paint to Oxfam’s humanitarian appeal in order to help the people of Ukraine. We’ll also be making our own donations to support the ongoing humanitarian efforts in the country.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to do anything for the donation to take place, this will be automatically applied to all orders.

Additionally, listed below are helpful resources with further information, ways to donate, and opportunities to help. In times like these, the value of educating and communicating with one another cannot be understated.

General Donation:

News Sources:

Specific Donation:

We truly hope that peace is reclaimed, and that the important work for a healthy, prosperous, and sustainable future can continue for all people of Ukraine.

#Журналісти_Важливі #StandWithUkraine

- Zhoosh Paints Team