The Importance of a Mindful Home

The Importance of a Mindful Home

A home is so much more than a building or a series of rooms.

It is your sanctuary, your haven - somewhere to welcome and entertain, but more importantly, a personal place, where you can relax. A truly comfortable hub in which you can reflect, recharge and rest.

This means all the elements within your home serve a purpose. They appeal to you through your different senses: touch, sight, sound and smell.

From the furniture you choose to the accessories that adorn them, everything plays a part. Softer fabrics absorb sound as well as being comforting to touch. Cool hard surfaces are clean and contemporary. Candles add aromas that can bring memories to life, while sounds of water, music or chimes keep you company and reflect your mood, helping you settle and even sleep. Natural fresh air and plants are proven to improve your mental health as well as your physical health. This all works together to create a mindful space, a home that is healthy and happy.

The colours on your walls are vital - they play a huge part in helping you have a mindful home. They can lift you, soothe you and wrap you in familiarity.

When you purchase the paint for your home, you are doing so much more than picking a colour. The walls of your home provide the base for your entire colour palette and will evoke the atmosphere and ambience from the outset.

By choosing the right tones, you have a starting point for all your accessories and accents, so researching options, trying samples and painting small sections is vital.


Here at Zhoosh Paints, we want to help you create better living spaces, providing a home that is truly mindful, and enables you to be comfortable. Our durable paints are 100% manufactured here in the UK and have minimal VOC content, with little odour. The tins are completely recyclable once cleaned simply remove the handle. In recognition of the importance of your senses, each colour in our range of earthy tones is named after a musical genre. Offering affordable products and desirable, well-researched paints means our products will shape the space you desire.

By tapping into all your senses with the right colours, sounds and textures, we can help you create a natural, nurturing, happy home.  One that truly sings.

Zhoosh Team | Zhoosh Paints