Making a mindful Home Office

Making a mindful Home Office

How to create a mindful home office

The last two years have changed the world of work completely. Offices were closed, staff were furloughed and the new term of ‘hybrid working’ was introduced, as we were all sent laptops and started researching ergonomic chairs.

In fact, in the summer of 2021, almost half of UK workers between the ages of 30 and 49 were working from home, according to Statista. It has certainly worked for many of us: the office of National Statistics says that a whopping 85% of UK workers now want to see their employers adopt a more flexible, hybrid way of working.

Whether you were already a homeworker, or are new to the whole concept, it’s definitely best to create a bespoke area in your home for work: one that complements the rest of your  space while being a distinct area for its purpose. Here are our top tips on how you can do that, while ensuring your home office is a mindful one:

Make it separate

You may already have a separate office in your home, or you may be working at the kitchen table. However your homeworking situation has evolved, it’s important to create a separation between ‘home’ and ‘work’. If you don’t have an office with a door, consider using zoning techniques: use a rug, create a shelf area,  line up some plants, or apply some paint effects such as colour blocking on the wall to subtly and subliminally mark a section of the room as an allocated workspace, helping you compartmentalise better.

Make it mindful

Choose your colour schemes carefully. Bright or coordinated accessories really help, from mugs to notebooks. They help focus the mind and bring attention to your role. Paint colours that work well in offices tend to be more subtle - our earthy tones are ideal for a workspace as they encourage focus and being in the moment, with subtle greys or muted blues emanating calm. Home comforts should still apply at work: warm throws can sit very happily  on office chairs!

Bring in biophilia

Biophilia - the use of nature - is proven to have a positive impact on mental health. American psychologist Eric Fromm first coined the term in the 1970s, describing what he saw as an innate love of nature in humans. Studies have shown that workers’ quality of life can be enriched by plants: they lift the mood. And if you are happy, you will work better!

Have a break

Bring fresh air into your day. Recreate the commute by having a short walk in the morning, it helps you get ready for the work ahead. Get outside at lunchtime if you can, even for 10 minutes. Meet friends for coffee - humans do need interaction with one another and Zoom calls cannot replace face to face. Open the window, all day if you can!

Consider music

Background music can have a great impact on concentration and mood. At Zhoosh, we are firm believers in all the senses working together to create a more mindful home and a space in which we can relax. Our paints are even named after genres of music and we have a playlist here if you are looking for inspiration!

Your workplace needs to be healthy and productive, without encroaching too much on your interior design. This is not just about work.  It is about creating a space where you can thrive, feel safe and be productive.