It’s all in the prep

It’s all in the prep

Good interiors begin well before the paint brush meets the wall.

That lovely landing or relaxing room will not exist unless you invest some time in getting everything ready. Achieving the best finish is all in the preparation - and it starts much sooner than when you prise open your tin of paint.

You’ve spent time planning your new room: researching the best paint colours, assessing the light, maybe even choosing new furniture - so it’s only right that you set aside the time to make sure everything looks the best it can.

First of all, clear the room of as much furniture as possible. Having a tidy area from the outset is much more relaxing to work in.

Get rid of any unwanted plug sockets and switches and loosen or put masking tape around the ones you are keeping.

Take down any curtains or blinds and then unscrew or tape over any window and door hardware – the locks, knobs and handles. It’s much quicker to do this than to wipe paint splashes off them all afterwards!

Look for any gaps or cracks in your walls, ceiling or woodwork, and fill them with a filler (ready mixed paste or powder and water), using a filling knife. Some people recommend priming the filler with a mist coat (emulsion diluted in water).

Once the filler is dry, go over it all with sandpaper around a block to ensure a smooth finish.

Brush away the dust then wipe down all your surfaces so that they are clean and have no dust or dirt particles - they will cling to the paint and show up when it’s dry. Use soapy water if your walls are particularly marked.

Cover furniture with dust sheets and carefully mask around all your doors, windows and skirting boards. Place drop cloths or old newspaper on the floor.

Make sure your paint brushes, rollers and trays are completely clean and dry and that you have the right size tools for the wall area you are painting. Have a spare tray for storing used brushes to clean later. An old knife is the tool you need for opening your tin of paint and stirring it thoroughly to mix it.

Preparation might sometimes feel a little frustrating as it is time-consuming and doesn’t deliver any immediate results, but it’s vital that you do it properly, in order for the finish to be good.

Plan about half a day to manage your preparation before starting painting. It will ensure you deliver the best results with your newly painted room.

It will be worth the effort!

Zhoosh Team | Zhoosh Paints