How to paint woodwork inside your home

How to paint woodwork inside your home

The Zhoosh Paints team has compiled a top tips guide on how to paint the woodwork inside your home to achieve beautiful results.

It is a common mistake to assume that the only paint on woodwork should be white. However, as Zhoosh Paints interior designer Jo explains, white is not always right when it comes to painting your interior woodwork.

In fact, colour is more often than not a far superior choice for woodwork in order to get the overall effect you want to achieve in your home.

“Coloured paint for woodwork in your home can result in a much more harmonious effect. White can be jarring and distracting. It should only be used in the right circumstances.” Jo, Zhoosh Paints Interior Designer.

How to choose the right colour paint for your interior woodwork

When it comes to interior design, everything should be there for a reason. You need to take a considered approach to the colour palette and this is absolutely not exclusive to your walls!

Zhoosh Paints tips for choosing the right colour for your woodwork.

  • You could look to blend your colour palette across the different surfaces using different tones of a similar colour. This is easy to do using the Zhoosh colours.
  • You could also decide to highlight your woodwork and paint it in a strong contrasting colour! Don’t be afraid to go dark with paint for woodwork. This can look stunning against paler walls.
  • If you are set on a ‘white’ woodwork look, then try some greys. They will give the same overall effect but a softer look.
  • Another great look is to paint the walls and woodwork the same colour. The woodwork will blend in and result in a very calm, soothing look.
  • Order paint patches to test in the room at different times of day and in different lights.
  • Bring in an expert! Even if it is a DIY project, a consultation with an interior designer or colour consultant can help you find the perfect palette combination for your woodwork.
  • Keep it simple. At Zhoosh Paints the colour range is expertly designed to make it difficult to go wrong.

“A good example of blending a really lovely colour palette is the Zhoosh Paints World Grey with emulsion on walls and woodwork paint on the trim. Light bounces off the contrasting textures in a different way – almost like the difference between velvet and linen. The combination creates beautifully blended shades that work with the light.”

What type of paint should I use for woodwork in my home?

You need to choose a paint that is suitable to coat woodwork. Our woodwork range is our preferred choice. It gives a wonderful matt finish and has a calming effect. Furthermore, it’s hard wearing and a great practical choice for panelling. Our woodwork range helps to hide the imperfections that you might get when restoring old woodwork.

Why not get creative and have some fun painting wooden furniture too?

Woodwork to paint inside your home might include:

  • Skirting boards
  • Panels
  • Alcoves
  • Carpentry
  • Coving
  • Trellises
  • Shelves
  • Storage
  • Furniture including tables and chairs


How to choose the right paint brand for your interior woodwork

Quality over quantity. By choosing a high quality paint and primer, you will save on the amount of coats you need to paint your internal woodwork throughout your home. You will also achieve a far superior finish.

“I am really particular about the quality of paint I use for my clients. That’s one of the reasons why I created Zhoosh Paints. I love the quality of the paint, how easy it is to apply and the beautiful finish. The woodwork range is a joy to work with.”

When is white paint right for interior woodwork?

“I am definitely not banning white paint for woodwork in your home! In the right circumstances white paint can have a stunning effect. What we want to avoid is an inharmonious break in your design with harsh white lines that detract from everything else in the room.”

That said, of course there are occasions when white is right for painting your woodwork. White walls and white woodwork can be a great choice for gallery walls.

Painting your floorboards white can also be beautiful in the right room with the right light and features. White paint is often a good choice as long as it is a considered choice and not there because people are used to painting by numbers when it comes to woodwork.

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