Rock music

Posted on September 02 2022, By: Zhoosh Team

Rock music

Rock music is a complex genre – and quite broad. If you include Rock n’ Roll then you’re tracing it back to the 1940s America when country and blues music developed into a new sound as electric guitars and drums came into play. 

But by the 1960s there were several sub-categories in the genre: folk rock, jazz rock and then psychedelic rock, to name a few. Head into the 1970s, and glam rock makes its entrance along, with heavy metal and punk.

They are all quite different in sound but all have one thing in common – they all had the power to shock the status quo. Rock is loud, angry, colourful, progressive and clever. It has accompanied and driven political protests and culture changes, and combines inspiration from several other types of music. Slash from Guns n Roses cites classical music as his main driver, while Queen famously weaved opera into their huge hits.

It's these qualities that we see in our 'rock' range of water-based paints. Our Rock Blue Paint, Rock Grey Paint and Rock Green Paint are all dark, deep and layered colours which will bring a real richness to your room. They will work well with natural materials such as wood and metal and complement our lighter colours, particularly the pale pink paints and green paints.

The three colours are all available for walls, ceilings and wood and metal - and these darker hues do provide a fantastic alternative to white on window and door frames, as well as a complete colour wash – when your radiators and skirting boards all match too.

As rock music continues to show, dark doesn’t have to be gloomy; it can be atmospheric, comforting and warm.

We want to help you create rooms that are mindful and help you relax, and we think our rock paints do just that.

Happy Decorating!