Hip Hop

Posted on July 15 2022, By: Zhoosh Team

A tin of Hip Hop green on a record player

You may have noticed that our paints fall into groups. Not by colour (although you can of course group them that way!), but by their name.

We wrote on here recently about the importance of a name when it comes to product launches - and the fact that we have a few paints with similar names is not an accident.

Our water based paints are grouped together according to a musical genre. We have some paints that are Hip Hop, some that are Smooth, some are Mellow, just to name a few.

There’s a reason for this. Our eco paints are all named after a musical genre, as the home is about all the senses. To create a truly mindful interior, you need to combine colour, sound and smell – everything.

Let’s look at the paints that are curated into our Hip Hop category.

Hip Hop is recognised as starting in the late 1970s, bringing together the wonderful musical influences of the Black, Latin and Caribbean youth who gathered in block parties in New York’s Bronx district. Those parties tended to play existing funk and soul music, which went onto inspire its attendees into developing something new - a  whole culture that embraced DJing, scratching, breakdancing, rapping and graffiti art. It spread quickly and by the early eighties was more mainstream, being truly global and commercialised by the nineties.

With a strong beat, quick and powerful vocals and musical breaks, Hip Hop is more than just a musical genre. It’s a whole culture that has had influences far and wide, from fashion to film to sport.

While the Zhoosh Team don’t claim to be experts on all things Hip Hop, it is the bold, strong and powerful spirit of the music of Hip Hop that we love. The two paints in the Hip Hop range - Hip Hop Green and Hip Hop Grey – are deep, bold paint colours, created with earthy combinations of greens, greys and beiges. They work really well against other dark colours in the range, but also help lighter shades shine.

And of course, we only sell low VOC paint, sent to you in fully recyclable packaging and completely made in the UK. So you can be sure that they hit the right note when it comes to sustainability.

What do you think, can you hear hip hop in our paint? For more inspiratin, check out our Hip Hop playlist.